Mari’s List collaborated with Details to design and launch a member portal to improve the process of finding discounts and promotions.

Mari’s List collaborated with Details to develop and launch a new member portal that makes finding discounts and promotions easier for members.

“Our mission has always been to negotiate the best pricing for the highest quality products and services in orthodontics, saving our members not only on their supply cost but valuable time,” said Mari Sawtelle, Mari’s List president. “We’re so excited to put those offerings at our members’ fingertips with the new portal.”

Project lead Mari’s List vice president, Emily Sawtelle, saw an opportunity to modernize the group’s infrastructure during a demo of the Details ordering platform.

“I saw how easy it was for Details’ customers to quickly search across various suppliers and immediately wanted to do the same for Mari’s List members,” said Sawtelle.

The two teams began collaborating to find a way to utilize Details’ technology for a new portal. While working directly with Details CTO Tom Pritchard, Sawtelle led the design process to bring a Mari’s List look and feel to the underlying technology and ensure a positive user experience.

The resulting portal makes it easier for members to quickly find information about a particular consultant, supplier, or promotion. Members can now easily search Mari’s List vendors by name, category, product, and more, with improved search functionality over time thanks to built-in Details search AI. The co-developed portal is the beginning of a collaboration between the two companies, according to Details president Nick Wangler.

“This project was a great test of what our two teams can do together to simplify the lives of orthodontists and their staff,” said Wangler. “There’s still so much we can accomplish jointly to help practices focus on clinical work rather than back-office administrative distractions. Which is why we can’t wait to reveal more about future projects like this one.”

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