Forestadent, St Louis, introduces its EasyFit™ Jumper, a fixed functional orthodontic appliance for the protrusive movement of the mandible. This modified Herbst appliance is attached in the maxilla within the molar area (between teeth 5 and 7) and in the mandibular within the premolar area (between teeth 3 and 5). However, the EasyFit Jumper is not attached to bands or splints, but directly on the archwire of a multibracket appliance. It is fixed in position using special nuts with integrated rectangular tubes that are slid onto the archwire to be fitted, adjusted, and clamped using pliers.

The EasyFit Jumper does not use spacers. Instead, the thread construction in the guide tube is designed to ensure smooth adjustment of mandibular advancement. The key supplied is inserted into the hole of the sleeve on the guide tube and turned in the required direction until the planned protrusion is reached. All working stages can be performed directly at the chairside in one appointment. The appliance can also be reactivated intraorally.

The dorsal angulation bar of the Class II device automatically produces a horizontal movement, which is parallel to the occlusal plane. Applied forces can therefore be channelled to a favorable direction on the square archwire and multibracket appliance. The design of the EasyFit Jumper also enables left-handed or right-handed activation.

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