Braces On Demand has partnered with EasyRx, integrating Braces On Demand into the EasyRx digital workflow.

Braces On Demand and EasyRx have partnered to help orthodontic practices gain workflow efficiencies through a new integration.

“EasyRx is well known in our industry for providing orthodontists with the tools they need to easily manage lab prescriptions digitally,” said Colin Corey, Braces On Demand founder and chief executive officer. “We are excited about this integration because of the efficiency improvements that our customers can now experience when managing their fully custom patient prescriptions through EasyRx’s user-friendly, web-based system.”

Braces On Demand was founded in 2019 and received FDA-approval the following year. Created with the purpose of developing a web application that would allow orthodontists to easily 3D print customized brackets and fixed appliances in their office, Braces On Demand also delivers cases to orthodontic practices that don’t have 3D printers.

“We are thrilled to incorporate Braces On Demand into the EasyRx digital workflow. Braces On Demand offers a fantastic solution, enabling clinicians to seamlessly integrate 3D printed appliances into their treatment protocols,” said Todd Blankenbecler, general manager of EasyRx. “Supporting a wide range of integrations is a key aspect of our strategy to integrate EasyRx into the digital workflow of practices or labs.”

EasyRx is a universal system that allows orthodontists and dentists to design, create, manage, and submit their patients’ appliance prescriptions online to any orthodontic or dental laboratory or in-house lab. Its full suite of design tools allows doctors to manage and create their appliance prescriptions in one single digital location. For the orthodontic or dental lab, it provides a robust set of tools to manage the lab, from tracking cases, invoicing, and production metrics, to providing and storing all the lab’s prescriptions digitally.

Photo via Braces On Demand