The company is asking orthodontists to donate excess unused masks to hospitals in need, either through direct donation to their own local hospitals or through the company. 

Orthodontic Details Marketplace is launching an orthodontic community mask drive to support healthcare workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While the company is offering to coordinate mask collection, it encourages orthodontic practices to donate their excess masks to their own local hospitals. 

In a letter to the orthodontic community, CEO Jeff Biggs, DDS, MS, said, “When I founded the Orthodontic Details Marketplace, I never thought I’d be asking orthodontists to send us supplies. But COVID-19 has brought unique times. And in unique times call for unique measures.” 

Biggs, who practices in Indianapolis, points out that many practices like his purchase supplies in advance of needing them, which means they may have boxes of unused masks. 

Orthodontic Details Marketplace has identified two ways for the orthodontic community to help. Practices can send their mask supplies to the company’s headquarters—even one box of masks is welcome. The company will then pack the masks into boxes based on hospital requirements and deliver them to hospitals in need. These packages will include notes of encouragement for healthcare workers. 

A second option is for orthodontic practices to donate masks directly to their community hospitals. If you do, let Orthodontic Details Marketplace know on the donation website. They want to capture the impact the orthodontic community is having. 

The company recently donated a large batch of masks to a local hospital. One of the nurses responded, “This is amazing. I’m in tears. Thank you.” 

In a statement to Orthodontic Products, Biggs said, “Nobody is made to be quarantined. We’re used to action. We’re made to help others. Through this mask drive, we hope to give orthodontists the opportunity to do just that—help doctors and nurses at a time of great need.” 

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