3M Unitek, Monrovia, Calif, is offering its Incognito Appliance System Certification Course, as well as the Incognito Appliance System Advanced Course for Doctors and Staff, at West Coast and East Coast locations this fall.

The certification course, which is designed to teach orthodontists how to use the Incognito Appliance System, will be held October 10, 2015, in Monrovia, Calif, and October 17, 2015, in New York. The Advanced Course, which requires prior certification as an Incognito Appliance System Provider, will be held October 9, 2015, in Monrovia, Calif, and October 16, 2015, in New York.

A combination of clinical lectures and hands-on training, the certification program introduces attendees to the materials used, the components of the system, treatment mechanics, and chairside techniques. Topics discussed include development of Incognito, an introduction to lingual mechanics, appliance options for various malocclusions, and clinical procedures for impressions and bonding.

Meanwhile, doctors attending the advanced course will receive lectures on the philosophy and psychology of aesthetic treatment, as well as on the similarities and analogous differences to labial mechanics, including bi-dimensional slot orientation, specifically differential torque expression, and the importance of torque expression with regard to lingual forces. The course will also include a treatment planning exercise and presentation of group treatment plans. Attendees will also be shown tips and tricks for small/extraction space closure, anterior control, and initial alignment.

It is strongly recommended that doctors attending the advanced course have at least one case using Incognito in treatment.

Clinical staff attending the advanced course workshop will learn how to successfully implement the Incognito System into the practice. The workshop, led by Cathy Sundvall, a clinical trainer, will provide attendees with a review of the most common mistakes related to implementation of the Incognito System into the practice and offer tips for troubleshooting issues related to bonding and rebonding, changing archwires too soon, rotational control, and archwire engagement. In addition, Sundvall will discuss the Incognito Clear Precision Tray and Unitek Treatment Management Portal (TMP), and offer hands-on typodont exercises.

Visit 3M Unitek for more information or to register for either course.