SureSmile, Richardson, Tex, has opened registration for its 2012 Conference.The event will take place in Grapevine, Tex, from March 1 to 3, 2012.The conference is geared toward SureSmile orthodontists and theirstaffs (as well as orthodontists interested in learning about SureSmile),and will feature the debut of SureSmile 6.0, the newest version ofthe company’s digital orthodontic software.

SureSmile 6.0 will allow orthodontists to plan treatment bypositioning teeth and roots within supporting bone. In conjunction with aCBCT scan, SureSmile 6.0 will enable orthodontists to see a renderingof the bone support for each tooth to optimize tooth position.

The conference will also feature seminars on virtual surgicaltreatment planning; designing aesthetics with digital orthodontics;lingual protocols and techniques; treatment planning and adjunctmechanics; and referral marketing to the GP, hygienist, and patients.Staff members can choose from topics specific to their responsibilities,including patient management, scanning, and treatment coordination.

Featured speakers will include Rohit Sachdeva, BDS, M.dentSc, the chief clinical officer at SureSmile.

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