Every orthodontist strives to have the design of his/her office reflect the personality of the practice. And it’s a designer’s job to make that happen. Orthodontic Products asked Green Curve Studio to tell and, more importantly, to show us how they did just that.


Practice Name: Berks Orthodontics (Jason M. Hartman, DMD, MS)
Practice Location: Temple, Pa
Square Footage: 5,300
Designed by: Green Curve Studio Inc

What the Doctor Wanted: With an office located in-between several townships, and a zero patient base, the doctor wanted an interior that would create an optimal branding impact. With a focus on cutting-edge materials including wall, ceiling, and lighting design. 


Interesting Design Aspects: Asymmetrically intersecting ceiling platforms creating a visually dynamic environment, as a solution for a space without windows. 


Favorite Feature: Illuminated curved wood lattice wall, functioning as a modern way finding feature in a large space.