Kodak introduces Practiceworks Software v7.0, practice-management software that features enhanced options for smoother, simpler office operations. With the software, dental practitioners and their staffs can rely on a full suite of tools to perform daily tasks more effectively, according to the company.

Practiceworks Software v7.0 offers a Practice Central feature, which allows users to see unconfirmed appointments, referred patients, and patients with multiple appointments. It also includes several scheduling options. Users can print the Practice Central window to have a hard copy to share during team meetings.

Other features include an integrated prescription writer that allows users to track and write prescriptions. Prescriptions can become part of a patient’s clinical record and can be authored in less than 2 minutes. The software also includes a referral tracking option that allows tracking within a patient’s clinical record. The reports feature has been redesigned and reorganized to create more intuitive menus that help staff members generate reports easily.

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