The Anaheim Group, publisher of Dentalfax® Weekly, introduces the 2008 Dental Industry Metrics Report®. The 476-page report contains performance data on 100 publicly traded dental industry companies. It includes companies based in the US, Germany, China, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, Sweden, and New Zealand. 

The 2008 Dental Industry Metrics Report contains information such as sales growth, earnings per share, market value, return on assets and return on equity, number of employees, price-to-earnings ratio, and sales multiple for each company profiled. The report also includes industry-wide averages for insurance companies, manufacturing organizations, lab-management firms, practice-management companies, distributors, and consumer over-the-counter product firms. All of the sales and stock data for each company are for the completion of the most recent fiscal year.

The report costs $250, which includes shipping and handling. It is only available on CD-ROM. Each CD contains the report as a Word document and as a PDF file. A $10 fee is charged for payments not made by a credit card at the time of order. 

For more information, e-mail [email protected] or call (714) 543-8007. A faxable order form may be downloaded at www.dentalfax.com

[The Anaheim Group, June 25, 2008]