The Slate Electric Flosser was recognized as one of the top three new products in AAO’s new Products Showcase Awards.

The Slate Electric Flosser was recognized by orthodontists as part of the AAO’s New Products Showcase Awards.

The Slate Electric Flosser combines high-grade floss with 12,000 sonic vibrations per minute, while the patent-pending Bracket Sweeps remove the plaque and bacteria that form around brackets. Located on the back of the floss head is a tongue scraper which cleans the tongue for a complete oral care experience.

Users choose either the standard floss head or the orthodontic floss head made for adults and kids with braces.

The challenge of flossing with braces prompted dentist Danny Snyder, DDS, to invent the flosser.

“I have five kids that either are in braces or soon will be,” said Snyder, who co-founded the company with his wife, Brynn. “When my braces came off, I had cavities that were preventable with regular flossing. I wanted to create something to help my children avoid the same fate.”

Neglecting to floss leads to the accumulation of plaque and bacteria that produces acid. That acid breaks down tooth enamel causing inflammation of the gum tissue. The resulting problems can quickly snowball.

Feedback from orthodontic professionals, along with the recent award at the AAO session, delighted the Slate Electric Flosser founder.

“The fact that the dental and orthodontic communities are recognizing and embracing the product is extremely gratifying,” said Snyder.

Photo courtesy of Slate