Gaidge has launched the Gaidge Consult Manager module to help orthodontic practices track and manage the patient journey.

Gaidge has unveiled Gaidge Consult Manager, a module that joins the ranks of Gaidge’s advanced orthodontic product suite, further enhancing the patient experience and helping practices gain efficiency.

Gaidge Consult Manager provides orthodontic practices with an all-in-one solution to transform the new patient journey.

The solution maximizes the new patient conversion process using an intuitive Patient Queue dashboard and Payment Presentation tool designed for treatment coordinators (and all roles involved in new patient conversion). The new solution provides:

  • Seamless patient data integration from top practice management systems
  • A full overview of patient status from start to finish with everything needed to prepare for new patients in one place
  • Automated, trackable electronic forms and e-signatures via Gaidge Forms
  • User-friendly payment presentation for flexible, visual payment plans patients can accept from anywhere
  • Pending patient follow-up for new patient conversion optimization
  • Observation follow-up to optimize Observation patient management

“Gaidge Consult Manager not only elevates the workflow efficiency inside the practice across multiple roles, but it also helps manage all prospects in the funnel, from call to close, without having to navigate around to multiple programs or screens,” said Ryan Moynihan, chief executive officer of Gaidge. “It’s a time saver and organizational tool designed to help Treatment Coordinators and Observation Coordinators maximize the conversion rate and get more starts.”

With the introduction of the Gaidge Consult Manager, Gaidge reaffirms its commitment to empowering orthodontists, their teams, and their patients.

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