FrankBeglin optTo encourage community involvement in local schools, Nevada-based orthodontist Frank Beglin, DDS, MS, is launching the “Beglin Orthodontics Supporting Local Schools” campaign. The fund-raising effort allows local residents in the Carson City school district to choose which area school should receive a $1,000 donation from Beglin.
Patients, families, and the community at large are invited to vote via Facebook for the school they feel should receive the donation. At the end of the voting, the top three schools with the most votes will enter a final round where one will be drawn to win a $1,000 donation.
“Whether as a person living in Carson City or as a business serving its residents, when the community succeeds, we all prosper,” Beglin states. “So by inviting the community at large to participate in the ‘Supporting Local Schools’ campaign, we not only call attention to a worthy cause, but are also hopeful that doing such will incite community action.”