A Delta Dental study found that 89% of adults felt having dental insurance provided peace of mind and relief from worrying about dental emergencies.

Dental insurance has a positive effect on mental wellbeing as highlighted in the recently released 2022 State of America’s Oral Health and Wellness Report, a nationwide analysis of consumer opinions and behaviors relating to oral health.

Findings from the Delta Dental-commissioned research show that adults who have dental insurance recognize the emotional and financial benefits that come with having dental coverage.

Almost 9 in 10 (89%) surveyed adults agreed that having dental coverage gave them peace of mind and provided relief from worrying about what they would do in a dental emergency.

Among those insured, nearly all adults said that their dental insurance saved them money (94%) and was worth the cost (91%).

Around 80% of adults and 88% of adults with children said that having dental insurance during the pandemic brought peace of mind.

The research indicated that nearly 7 in 10 parents with a child who did not have dental insurance would seek out coverage in 2022.

“Our survey illuminates the vast emotional and financial benefits most adults and parents across the United States associate with having dental insurance,” said James W. Hutchison, president and chief executive officer of Delta Dental Plans Association. “Delta Dental continues to partner with oral health professionals and the public in our development of enhanced dental plans focused on person-centered care. The innovative plans are based on a person’s health needs and provide the extra care to enrich overall health and quality of life.”

The full 2022 State of America’s Oral Health and Wellness Report and its methodology and findings are available online.

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