Benco Dental’s latest white paper makes a case for smaller and more smartly designed practices to offset many common issues.

Benco Dental has released a new white paper that outlines 5 compelling reasons why smaller operatories make more sense in today’s oral healthcare environment.

For dental practices, practice owners have been challenged by shrinking insurance reimbursements, pressure to work more efficiently, and physical stress, according to Benco. 

The problems were only compounded by the pandemic, which added greater staffing, scheduling, patient satisfaction, and infection control issues.

In its new white paper, Smaller is Smarter: A Comprehensive Business and Clinical Case for Rethinking Dental Operatory Design, Benco makes the case that rethinking operatory size through intelligent design can help dental professionals address these issues.

The white paper delves into these common issues and offers solutions that can be implemented in new construction or by retrofitting existing practices.

The full white paper is available for free online.

Image courtesy of Benco Dental