As all orthodontists know, removal of composite resin at debonding needs to be done carefully to prevent the excessive removal of enamel. The more enamel a tooth has, the better it reflects light, and ultimately the better it looks. As we get closer to the dentin, light reflects differently and teeth with thin enamel look less white. It is our responsibility as orthodontists to "do no harm."

The new Enamel Safe™ Bur from Spee and Success Essentials delivers an abrasive that only removes composite resin—and not enamel. Unlike carbides or white stones that can cut and abrade enamel, the fiberglass material found in the Enamel Safe Bur wears away as the composite is removed, and is softer than the enamel. When it comes in contact with enamel, it can’t remove it.

—Michael Florman, DDS