3shape_TaisClausen3Shape co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Tais Clausen (pictured) has been named one of the 10 most influential people in dental technology by Inside Dental Technology magazine.

The list, which appears in the magazine’s August issue, calls Clausen and two other honorees “three visionaries who have truly transformed the dental technology landscape. Each has innovated disruptive processes, technologies, or products that altered our profession.”

As 3Shape CTO, Clausen is tasked with developing the company’s scanning technology and software applications. He serves as both its strategic product development-leader as well as a hands-on engineer.

Among the company’s recent product launches are the D2000 lab scanner, which scans two dental models simultaneously, and the TRIOS intraoral scanner. The D2000 lab scanner recently won a Red Dot Design Award, and the TRIOS was named the industry’s number one intraoral scanner by the Cellerant Best of Class awards.

“It’s a terrific honor to be acknowledged by IDT and fellow industry professionals. Recognition as a visionary is really a credit to being fortunate enough to work alongside experts like our 3Shape Advisory Board and colleagues who help to make 3Shape’s vision of the future a reality. While we always seek to push the envelope, in terms of creating new and exciting digital dentistry solutions, working together with industry leaders assures us that as a company, we remain focused on delivering products that provide the best patient treatment possible and that make everyone’s job simpler and more effective,” Clausen says.

Clausen and his partner, 3Shape co-founder Nikolaj Deichmann, started the company, which is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, more than 15 years ago. The two have since grown 3Shape to more than 750 employees including 275 plus on-staff developers.