3Shape_OrthoApnea3Shape, Copenhagen, Denmark, has entered into a partnership with OrthoApnea, Malaga, Spain, a global company that develops, manufactures, and supplies intraoral devices for treating patients diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The partnership will allow dental professionals to send intraoral scans from their 3Shape TRIOS direct to OrthoApnea for ordering and design of the company’s new personalized sleep device, the NOA.

According to OrthoApnea, 3Shape TRIOS digital-impression accuracy helps the sleep device maker to tailor each NOA device to the individual patient. OrthoApnea uses anatomical, craniofacial, and biomechanical characteristics of the patient to create its personalized mandibular advancement device. The digitalization of this data is created in part by 3Shape TRIOS.

According to the companies, because the 3Shape and OrthoApnea device manufacturing workflow is digital, it speeds up production turnaround time and allows patients to start sleep apnea therapy sooner.

OrthoApnea also recently launched ApneaDock, an online digital platform that allows doctors to manage their treatments and connects all specialists related to a patient.