Cayster launched a new marketplace that connects dentists, large practice groups, and dental laboratories to improve operations.

Cayster, a New York-based technology company addressing the inefficiencies in the dental industry, launched an open marketplace that connects dentists, large practice groups and dental laboratories, and other industry service providers. 

The marketplace creates a dynamic environment where dentists in real-time can select a dental lab from a host of options, submit, track and monitor the status of a case and obtain a quality cost-effective restoration. 

For dental laboratories, the marketplace expands a lab’s commercial reach and potential customer base and streamlines case management while accelerating receipt of payment.

The Cayster Marketplace complements Cayster’s existing large practice group offering called Managed Lab Services which improves clinical, financial, and operational outcomes for large practice groups, including dental services organizations (DSOs). 

Suited for growing and PE-backed practice groups, Cayster’s Managed Lab Services generates data and analytics to measure performance and optimize individual and organizational decision-making. 

“As a clinician, I was frustrated by limited choices, poor workflows, siloed information and systems, and inefficient communication/collaboration tools,” said Gary Kaye, DDS, founder, chairman, and chief dental officer of Cayster. “Developed by experts in the dental space, including dentists and lab technicians, Cayster’s offerings address these frustrations, but more importantly improve outcomes for patients and clinical and operational outcomes for dentists, large practice groups, and dental labs.”

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