Cloud Dentistry partnered with Keeper to streamline taxes for dental professionals looking for employment through the app.

Cloud Dentistry has partnered with Keeper, a tax filing app designed for gig economy workers.

Cloud Dentistry’s namesake product is a digital employment app that connects dental offices with dental professionals via its on-demand booking and messaging features.

Cloud Dentistry is free for dental professionals seeking either temporary or permanent full-time employment. Dental offices looking to fill temporary or permanent full-time positions pay a nominal subscription fee comparable to a gym membership.

Cloud Dentistry will not earn a commission from this partnership. Instead, all Cloud Dentistry professionals will receive a 53% discount on Keeper’s retail price, which means that a tax-deductible $79.00 is all that Cloud Dentistry professionals have to pay to file their taxes and gain full access to the app’s features.

The app’s features include the following:

  • Connecting bank accounts for instant personalization and tax breaks.
  • Automatically discovering tax write-offs among past transactions.
  • Supporting multiple streams of income – W2, 1099, investments, etc.
  • Filing taxes directly through the Keeper app with the IRS and all 50 states.
  • Supporting 300+ types of credits and deductions.
  • Providing Smart audit protection and accuracy guarantee.
  • Offering an in-app tax assistant to answer questions and provide educational resources
  • Promising no upsells ever.

“Today’s rapidly evolving economy has generated countless opportunities for people to make more money on their own time and terms through apps like Uber, DoorDash, Wag, and now, Cloud Dentistry,” said Trey Tepichin, Cloud Dentistry’s chief executive officer. “There’s been a persistent need to streamline and demystify their taxes, particularly for hybrid workers who have a combination of W-2 and 1099 income sources. Thanks to coupling free access to Cloud Dentistry’s job marketplace with Keeper’s generously discounted tax filing app, dental professionals now have the sophisticated tools needed to seamlessly file taxes on their enhanced earnings.”

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