Lock Socket secures phone and tablet chargers to the wall to keep them from getting lost or stolen.

Lock Socket has introduced a phone charger and cable lock, providing a creative solution for a common problem.

Lock Socket charger locks are designed to fit factory-provided chargers and keep them in place in outlets where they belong.

It eliminates the hassle of having a phone or tablet charger stolen or lost. The device secures iPhone, iPad, or Samsung charging blocks and cables to any standard or Decora wall plate.

The idea for Lock Socket was born from company founder Shaant Varjabedian’s frustration with losing his phone chargers around the house or when traveling. Nothing on the market satisfied his need to keep the chargers in place, so he created his own 3-D model and refined it.

“My household is an Apple household, which means family members are regularly borrowing cables or chargers from one location and using them in another. So, I was frequently going to charge my phone only to discover there was no longer a charger plugged into the outlet,” said Varjabedian. “Lock Socket is simple, non-invasive, and unobtrusive. It’s the ideal solution for homes and businesses to ensure that device chargers remain where they are supposed to be for everyone to use.”

In addition to helping families keep track of chargers, Lock Socket is also the ideal solution for businesses, healthcare facilities, sporting venues, schools, and more to secure phone chargers in waiting rooms, breakrooms, and other public spaces.

The custom charger locks are used by technology companies and multiple healthcare institutions, including Edward-Elmhurst Medical Facility, Houston Methodist Medical Center, and Pavilion at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Lock Socket is available for iPhone standard, iPhone Pro 20V, iPad 12V, and Android charging blocks. Custom charger lock solutions and bulk order options are also available.

Photo courtesy of Lock Socket