Dr Roshan Parikh will serve as “clinical growth ambassador,” as the clear aligner company focuses on growth in dental service organizations. 

The clear aligner company CandidPro announced the addition of Roshan (Dr Ro) Parikh, DDS, MBA, to roster of industry advisors. Parikh, who will serve as a clinical growth ambassador, focusing on dental service organizations (DSOs), is the former head of dentistry at Walmart Health. 

Parikh, who has been in dentistry for 13 years, reportedly spearheaded Walmart’s first 13 multi-modality locations and laid the groundwork for additional locations planned for 2021 and 2022. He has also grown his own DSO from a single practice into a 30-location organization serving over 150,000 patients in the Chicago area. Parikh is also the chief strategy officer for DSO Strategy, a company he founded in 2019. 

“I see CandidPro as a key component to the future of DSOs. The benefits to DSO workflows are huge. It’s high-touch when it comes to clinical oversight and highly productive without taking up a ton of chair time,” said Parikh. “CandidPro gives DSOs centralized treatment planning through user-friendly technology. The results are consistent, so there’s no miscommunication between doctors. I can’t think of any other treatments that offer the same continuity of care. It really feels like the future for clear aligners in DSOs.”

Brian Ganey, senior vice president of sales at CandidPro, sees Parikh as a key player in helping the company integrate into DSOs. “Dr. Ro has this unique ability to meet DSOs where they’re at because he’s been there too,” said Ganey. “He knows how to effect the clinical and institutional changes they need to scale—and how to see them through.”