Canadian orthodontists can now access the Grin platform which includes the Grin App, Grin Scope, and Grin Scope mini to provide remote monitoring and consultation to patients. 

Grin, the teleorthodontic platform, announced that their system is now available to orthodontists in Canada. The Grin platform includes the Grin App, Grin Scope, and Grin Scope mini—all of which are FDA listed medical devices and certified through Health Canada. Using the Grin platform, orthodontists can provide remote monitoring and consultations for patients. 

The Grin Scope is an orthodontist created device that serves as an intraoral adapter. The device retracts the cheeks and allows a full view of a patient’s mouth. The new Grin Scope mini is reduced in width from a standard scope and allows anyone with a smaller oral cavity to use Grin, especially children and teenagers. The system is powered by the Grin App, where patients are guided to self-scan their teeth for an orthodontist-ready video. 

“Canadians expect quality and comprehensive care, which is why we’re thrilled Grin can now play a part in delivering the kind of oral care people deserve: convenient, state-of-the-art, and accessible,” said Grin CEO Adam Schulhof, DMD. “The Canadian healthcare system sets the standard for rapid adoption of new technologies and initiatives on behalf of patients. Grin shares these ideals. We formed this company to provide patients with the best possible experience and ensure everyone has high quality, trusted care.”

Grin recently closed a $10 million round led by Triventures with participation from Procter & Gamble Oral Care and SpringRock Ventures. According to the company, when combined with financial backing from independent orthodontists, the company’s total funding stands at $14 million.