Membersy named dental industry veteran Michael Shuman as its CEO, promoting him from the position of chief revenue officer.

Membersy, a digital health company that offers subscription-based dentistry, announced Michael Shuman’s promotion to chief executive officer.

Shuman will assume the day-to-day leadership of the company as it continues expanding access to dental care for patients through its subscription-based membership software and strategic partnerships with DSOs and dental practices nationwide.

Before being named CEO, Shuman was Membersy’s chief revenue officer where he was responsible for the company’s business development and sales operations, including the development of partnerships and revenue growth opportunities.

His most recent efforts led the company to a $66 million investment from Spectrum Equity in 2021.

Shuman brings more than a decade of experience within the dental space to his role as CEO.

His 6 years of leadership at Membersy guided the company’s sales and customer services operations that saw the company scale by partnering with more than 4,500 practices nationwide.

“It’s an incredible honor for me to step into the position of CEO and to better serve our employees and the company we have built together thus far,” said Shuman. “We have an incredible team here at Membersy and the hard work everyone puts in continues to inspire me, day in and day out.”

Shuman’s promotion corresponds with the company’s efforts to rapidly expand its teams, products, and services in response to its fast-growing DSO partner base.

Moving forward, Shuman’s is tasked with guiding Membersy as it expands its product lineup, including healthcare subscription plans, while continuing to enhance its offerings in the dental space.

“As I look ahead at the software we’ve built and the services we offer at Membersy, to the new products we’re developing and the visible impact we’re having on the dental space, I could not be more excited for us as a company,” said Shuman. “The decisions we make will be based on what’s best for our dentists and DSOs, our shareholders, and my colleagues, all backed by our mission to improve access to affordable dental care.”