Through the partnership, Retainer Club and Mouthguard Club will provide Smile Changes Lives patients free sets of end-of-treatment retainers. 

Retainer Club, a subscription retainer service, and Mouthguard Club, which provides athletes with custom designed mouthguards, announced a partnership with Smiles Change Lives (SCL), an international nonprofit that helps families get orthodontic treatment for their kids who could not otherwise afford treatment. 

“In the more than 6 years that I have worked with Smiles Change Lives I have seen firsthand the incredible impact of providing free orthodontic treatment to those who could not otherwise afford it,” said Dr Blair Feldman, president and co-founder of Retainer Club and Mouthguard Club. “Retainer Club and Mouthguard Club are aligned with the Smiles Change Lives ethos of making oral healthcare more accessible, especially to the underprivileged.”

“Dr Feldman is a former recipient of our annual Gini award, named after our founder Virginia ‘Gini’ Brown, which honors orthodontic providers who have gone above and beyond to inspire hope, raise self-esteem and help change the lives of children across North America,” said SCL President Thomas Brown. “We are therefore thrilled to partner with Retainer Club, which is the most cost-effective way to maintain the results of orthodontic treatment.  Mouthguard Club brings previously unaffordable custom-fitting mouthguards to athletes everywhere.” 

“We are honored to partner with Smiles Change Lives,” said Retainer Club and Mouthguard Club CEO and co-founder Craig Weiss. “As a result of Covid-19, so many families are facing economic uncertainty.  It is more important than ever that we provide people with an affordable way to maintain and protect their perfect smile.  We are excited to announce our commitment to provide free sets of end-of-treatment retainers for Smiles Change Lives children.”

“As Director of Product Services, I am always looking for ways to provide value to Smiles Change Lives’ network of more than 750 orthodontic partners,” said SCL Director Alexis Barclay. “Retainer Club and Mouthguard Club deliver orthodontists a steady stream of new patients seeking treatment while at the same time providing patients with a cost-effective way to preserve and protect their teeth for life. Partnering with Retainer Club & Mouthguard Club with our Smiles Change Lives network is a win-win.”