iCoreConnect, Inc, announced the Rhode Island Dental Association’s (RIDA) endorsement of three iCoreConnect products: iCoreExchange Encrypted HIPAA Email Referral Network, iCoreCloud Encrypted Cloud Backup and iCoreCodeGenius Rapid ICD-10 Medical Coding for Dental.

iCoreExchange, with its recent version upgrade, allows practices to share Protected Health Information (PHI) quickly and easily with their referral partners. iCoreCloud protects patient data from loss and malware, including disruptive and costly ransomware. iCoreCodeGenius ensures that dentists who bill a patient’s health insurance plan have the diagnostic code (ICD-10) specificity necessary to get their claims paid.

“We are thrilled to welcome the RIDA to our expanding State Association family,” said Robert McDermott, president and chief executive officer of iCoreConnect. “The RIDA membership was looking for solutions to their business challenges, and iCoreConnect is happy to deliver. We are now endorsed by more than 60% of the state dental associations in the US, expanding our footprint and cloud-based solutions throughout the country.”

iCoreConnect is a cloud-based software and technology company focused on increasing workflow productivity and customer profitability through its enterprise and healthcare workflow platform.

“Our award-winning marketing and brand innovation team fills in the gaps at the state level to produce impactful messaging to the membership,” said McDermott.

Post endorsement, iCoreConnect facilitates a co-branded marketing campaign to get the news out. Its marketing and brand innovation team collaborates with the Association to deliver content through print, email campaigns, journals, newsletters, and more.

“We are impressed with iCoreConnect and believe that our members will benefit from all three newly endorsed products,” said Aaron Guckian, executive director of the Rhode Island Dental Association. “It’s our mission to make sure our member dentists have the most advanced technologies accessible to them. iCoreConnect not only provides modern resources but also strives to simplify the way a practice does business. The practice can better serve patients while also generating greater revenue.”

Photo 145060162 © Nitinai Saguansri | Dreamstime.com