SmileDirectClub rolled out two new water flossers, one compact for travel and the other with a large reservoir.

SmileDirectClub added a Large Tank and Compact water flosser to its lineup of oral care products.

The Large Tank Water Flosser deep cleans teeth with a large reservoir that holds enough water for 90 seconds of flossing. It features 3 pressure modes—normal, soft, and pulse. Its cordless design lasts up to a month between charges and is water-resistant for flossing in the shower.

The Compact Water Flosser is just over 5 inches closed and slides open to a full-size water flosser. Designed for travel, the Compact Water Flosser also has a built-in storage spot for the flossing tip and is also water-resistant.

SmileDirectClub says that its water flossers remove 99% of plaque between teeth and below the gumline, according to a clinical study.

“The Large Tank and Compact Water Flossers are an extension of our expanding, premium oral care product line,” said Amy Keith, general manager of Global Oral Care at SmileDirectClub. “With the category growth of the water flosser segment, we look forward to reaching new customers with this expansion.”

The Large Tank Water Flosser and Compact Water Flosser are available online at, Amazon, and Walmart.

Photo courtesy of SmileDirectClub