Vivos Therapeutics registered with the Canadian government’s health ministry to offer its sleep-related products to dentists in the country.

Vivos Therapeutics officially registered with Health Canada, the country’s Minister of Health department to begin selling its sleep disorder, snoring and sleep apnea appliances to Canadian dentists.

The company will offer its comprehensive line of highly effective oral appliances and proprietary clinical protocols to approximately 25,000 dentists across Canada who have millions of patients in search of a solution to sleep related disorders, snoring, and obstructive sleep apnea.

In connection with this regulatory development, Vivos expects to expand its contract manufacturing presence and capacity in Canada to better serve the needs of Canadian dentists and their patients.

“With Vivos Therapeutics as an official partner of Health Canada, local dentists will now be able to screen, clinically assess and properly treat patients suffering from OSA through complete and official access to the Vivos System,” said Kirk Huntsman, Vivos Chairman and CEO. “For years, the demand from Canadian dentists for our revolutionary line of products has been high, and now with this new development we can move aggressively to provide them with the full measure of clinical and practice management education to seamlessly deliver our much-needed products to millions of Canadians suffering from OSA and its related comorbidities.”

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