KOMET USA, Rock Hill, SC, introduces a new disc/handpiece system designed for use in interproximal enamel reducing and finishing.

The Oscillating Segment (OS) Discs are 60º segmented with a radius of 1.4 cm and a pivoting angle of 30º. According to the company, the OS Discs are more effective than manual enamel reduction with virtually no risk of injuring the soft tissue. The discs are designed to allow orthodontists to see clearly and not use a disc guard.

OS Discs are designed for use in the oscillating KOMET electric handpiece OS30. When using the micromotor at full capacity, the handpiece has an effective performance of 5,000 oscillations per minute. It is also possible to use the OS30 in an air motor; and at the motor’s maximum capacity, the handpiece can have an effective performance of 2,500 oscillations per minute.

The company recommends that users eliminate the interdental contact with a honeycomb-designed diamond strip before using OS discs.

KOMET USA has developed 15 different OS Discs to be used with the OS30 handpiece: nine with fine-grit diamonds and six with medium-grit diamonds. Out of the 15 OS Discs, eight are one-sided and seven are two-sided, and come in various thicknesses (0.13 mm to 0.45 mm).

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