VisionUSA_PortableMagnifiersVision USA, Cherry Hill, NJ, has introduced a new line of Task-Vision professional portable electronic digital magnifiers. The device works like a mini magnifying computer, according to the company.

Four model choices are available, ranging from basic to multifunctional. Each model features an LCD screen, adjustable brightness levels, and the ability to enlarge, reduce, or freeze images.

The lightweight Task-Vision digital magnifiers feature magnification ranging from 3x to 18x and up. They allow the user to select full color, positive/negative, high contrast and color blue/white, black/yellow, blue/yellow & black/green. They can also be connected to any TV or monitor, or used alone. The entire line of Task-Vision digital magnifiers include lithium Ion rechargeable batteries, charger, adapter, AV/USB cables, and a travel case.