GreatLakes_eXceedGreat Lakes Orthodontics Ltd, Tonawanda, NY, now offers the eXceed™ Precision Bracket Placement Solution, a patented suite of computer-aided bracket placement services. According to a product release from the company, the eXceed Precision Bracket Placement Solution scientifically calculates the ideal digital placement coordinates for each bracket on the teeth, and, then, using 3D model printing technology, manufactures the bonding trays. The system allows for more predictable and consistent outcomes, and minimizes or eliminates adjustments to brackets and archwire. eXceed is designed to significantly reduce time spent placing brackets, minimize chairtime, and increase patient comfort.

eXceed offers two different methods to calculate bracket positioning. eXceed Rx uses pretreatment occlusion to determine the position of appliances, while eXceed Tx uses virtual, post-treatment target simulation to determine the position of appliances. Both methods feature software that allows the orthodontist to adjust bracket placement and approve the files prior to tray fabrication.