TP Orthodontics, LaPorte, Ind, has introduced the iFinisher, the newest addition to the company’s line of custom and semi-custom finishing appliances. The iFinisher is based on the same principles as the Original Tooth Positioner invented by the company’s founder, Dr H. D. Kesling, over 70 years ago. Daniel S. German, DDS, developed the iFinisher specifically for aligner treatment as a simple, yet cost-effective solution for final finishing and bite correction – without the need for additional aligner trays.

According to a product release, the iFinisher is made from soft, comfortable crystal-Flex® material and is the smallest custom finishing appliance on the market. The iFinisher is designed to close slight spaces and correct minor rotations and buccolingual discrepancies. The iFinisher can also be used to correct and relate teeth in both arches simultaneously, and, according to the company, promote “an ideal occlusion in as little as 3 weeks.”

The iFinisher can be fabricated from a CAD or STL file, without the need for impressions. The electronic file and prescription can be directly uploaded to the TP Orthodontics Lab through easyrx®, the online prescription management program accessible at Standard impressions may also be submitted.