3Shape, Copenhagen, Denmark, announced that the upcoming software update for the 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner will give users the ability to export STL file digital impressions directly from their TRIOS Dental Desktop software dashboard. This enables TRIOS owners to use STL files for working in-house software and for sending to orthodontic laboratories and appliances-makers.

According to the company, this capability is in line with its commitment to more openness in digital dentistry.

Currently, 3Shape provides STL CAD design file export from its design software. Open STL CAD design file export means users can manufacture their designs on any mill and 3D printer. With the addition of TRIOS STL intraoral scan export, both 3Shape digital impressions and CAD design files are now completely open and available for any dental professional on any system.

The TRIOS STL export option will be included as a software upgrade for TRIOS users in the release of the new 3Shape Dental Desktop platform for TRIOS. Rollout is expected to start Q4 2017. For specific availability, TRIOS users should contact their reseller.