Sesame Communications, Seattle, introduces Sesame Voice, which interfaces with practice-management software to automatically place voice reminder calls without any extra steps for office staff.

Using Internet voice technology instead of phone lines, Sesame Voice completes an entire day’s calls in 5 minutes, according to the company. This eliminates many problems familiar to practices with old-fashioned appointment reminder systems that tie up office phone lines making one call at a time. "Sesame Voice makes all our calls in a few minutes, so every patient gets a call," said Sharon Brantley, financial coordinator in the Glendale, Ariz, practice of David Hunter, DDS. "Our failed appointments have dropped 2.3% in the 2 months since we switched to Sesame Voice."

Sesame Voice is available with the Dental Sesame and Ortho Sesame online communications solutions. Customized delivery options allow orthodontists to send voice reminders to patients not registered for e-mail reminders, to all patients, or only to those patients who did not confirm their appointment via e-mail. The program’s reporting capability shows if a patient confirmed by phone or online.

For more information, contact Sesame Communications.