Carestream Dental, Atlanta, has announced an integration agreement with Sesame Communications, Seattle, to help dental care providers accelerate new patient acquisition and build patient loyalty. Carestream Dental will develop bidirectional integration for Sesame Communications in its CS PracticeWorks, CS SoftDent, CS OrthoTrac, and CS WinOMS practice-management software products. Carestream Dental will also provide ongoing technical assistance to Sesame Communications for its practice-management software integrations with Carestream Dental practice-management software products.

Carestream Dental’s General Manager of Global Dental Practice Management Solutions Business Alistair Bruce said, “We are very excited to add Sesame Communications as an integrated partner as we continue to expand our partnership channel in the patient communications and practice marketing arena to better serve our customers.”

President and CEO of Sesame Communications Diana P. Friedman stated, “Automated appointment reminders are critical to improve efficiency and increase production within dental practices, and is a core component of Dental Sesame. We are honored to be working with Carestream Dental within its integrated partner program and are excited about the tremendous benefits this new cross-system functionality offers our valued dental care provider members.”