Oakstone Publishing, publisher of Practical Reviews in Orthodontics, introduces Becoming a High-Growth, High-Performance Orthodontic Practice, an audio CD collection that provides how-to strategies on creating a successful practice.

The CDs include motivational concepts on how to change your outlook and strengthen your leadership. Four orthodontic practice-management consultants (Terry Daugherty, DDS; Jude West, PhD; Rosemary Bray; and Kay J. McKay), teach listeners how to establish a clear, compelling vision for their practice.

Other topics include: how your leadership can turn a vision into a reality; strategies for making your practice "bullet proof" to competition; ensuring that all office and clinical staff are on "the team"; establishing a positive practice culture and redefining staff as "valued partners"; improving office communication, improving systems, and reducing turnover; turning around or removing frustrated, uninspired, unproductive staff; putting passion into your practice; the five steps to better leadership; using focus groups to gain feedback and improve performance; using a "practice dashboard" to monitor results; getting the stress out of your practice; and five key sources of staff motivation.

For a limited time, Oakstone Medical customers can receive the audio CD collection for $99. To order, visit www.cdeonly.com/pricing_ordering.cfm/2/360/2/4 or call (800) 633-4743. Use item promotion code A16N10 when placing your order.