The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has teamed with the AAO for the 2012 Mid-Winter Scientific Meeting,“Age-Appropriate Treatment of the Developing Occlusion: CommonProblems—Consensus Solutions.” The meeting will take place January 27 to29, 2012, in Marco Island, Fla.

Panel discussions will cover crowding and space management, missingteeth, treatment of the developing crossbite, protection of teethduring orthodontic treatment, adolescent patient motivation andlearning issues, and new technologies such as CBCT and lasers.Lecturers will include Lysle E. Johnston, Jr, DDS, MS; Steven A.Dugoni, DMD, MSD; Gerald S. Samson, DDS; and Ronald A. Bell, DDS, MEd.

Attendees can receive up to 15 CE credits.

Registration information is available here.