Over the past decade, research has focused on the role oral health plays in systemic health and specifically, how chronic inflammation may influence various oral diseases, including periodontal disease.

In an effort to expand and advance this knowledge, the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), the organization committed to the science and research of periodontics, in conjunction with a grant from Colgate, is hosting its first ever workshop on inflammation, “Inflammation and Periodontal Diseases: A Reappraisal,” to be held in Boston from January 28–30.

"The purpose of this workshop is to bring experts on inflammation from around the world and across disciplines to address periodontal inflammation, systemic inflammation and diseases, and the possible associations between the two," explains Susan Karabin, DDS, president of the AAP. "Furthering our understanding of inflammation will allow both the dental and medical communities to better treat their patients."

Approximately 50 guests, with specialties ranging from dentistry to clinical medicine, have been invited to participate in the workshop. This group of experts will engage in discussions on a variety of topics related to inflammation and periodontal disease including inflammatory response treatment, innate control responses, and implications in other disease states such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. These discussions aim to emphasize the importance of controlling inflammation in periodontal therapy by educating periodontists, general dentists, and other members of the medical community about the effect inflammation in the mouth can have on overall health.

Workshop proceedings will be published as a special supplement to the Journal of Periodontology, the official publication of the AAP, during the third quarter of 2008. For more information, visit www.perio.org.