PennWell Corp and The Academy of Dental Therapeutics and Stomatology have released a new edition of the Dental Continuing Education Digest. According to the companies, the CE Digest is the only "all CE" publication in the dental market.

The issue includes three courses, one each on orthodontics, patient compliance, and ergonomics. The orthodontic course is Part II of a course on early interceptive orthodontics. Part I was featured in the March 2008 CE Digest and is also available on the Web at I Need CE. The ergonomics course contains information on the frequency of work-related injuries among dentists and dental hygienists, and provides a review of how ergonomic aids should be selected and used, including sections on seating and magnification aids. Lastly, the compliance course addresses the causes of patient noncompliance, communication and behavioral methods that can be used to address this problem, and home care regimens that may help improve oral care and patient compliance.

For more information, contact CE Digest.