For the first time, the Academy of Orthodontic Assisting will be offering a number of hands-on classes at the AAO’s Annual Session in Denver. Course include the following:

Pour-Ups and Separation
Attendees will
• learn about the process in creating quality working models;
• practice pouring models into alginate impressions; and
• learn how to separate orthodontic models from the impression.

Trimming of Orthodontic Working Models and Essix Fabrication
Attendees will learn to
• make separate models and prepare them for fabrication of appliances;
• trim working orthodontic models; and
• produce an Essix retainer.

Effective Oral Isolation and Preparation for Orthodontic Bonding
Attendees will learn
• various methods for isolation of teeth for placement of brackets;
• proper steps in preparation of teeth for placement of brackets; and
• how to work efficiently with your doctor in placing brackets.

Attendees will
• learn different types and methods of placing separators;
• learn the pros and cons of each type; and
• practice placing spacers on one another.

Infection Control
Attendees will learn
• processing of orthodontic instruments;
• equipment needed for sterilization; and
• proper care of orthodontic instruments.