Opal Orthodontics, South Jordan, Utah, is offering a 2-day course, led by Richard McLaughlin, DDS, on the vertical, horizontal, and transverse aspects concerning the diagnosis and treatment planning of Class II cases. The discussion will include the soft tissue, dental, and skeletal components of these cases.

During the course, non-extraction and extraction treatment options will be demonstrated through case examples. The indications and contra-indications of molar distalizing techniques and functional appliances will be evaluated with case reports. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of early treatment will be discussed and techniques of management will be shown.

Temporomandibular joint problems will also be reviewed, including the pathophysiology of condylar resorption and the management of this condition. Management of airway issues which are predominantly seen in Class II cases will also be discussed.

The course, titled “Inter-Arch Treatment Mechanics, Part 1: Class II Treatment,” will be held in Las Vegas.

For more information and to register, visit Opal Orthodontics Continuing Education page.