The Pankey Institute named executive director Lee Ann Brady, DMD, as its newest Pankey Master.

The Pankey Institute, a provider of advanced dental continuing education awarded Lee Ann Brady, DMD, the designation of Pankey Master with a portrait hanging ceremony in the Institute’s Masters’ Hall.

Dental leaders and Pankey faculty from around the country convened at the Institute’s iconic Key Biscayne educational facility to celebrate Brady’s acceptance of this award.

“This honor is reserved for very select candidates who have served Pankey with distinction over time, while demonstrating the highest levels of clinical excellence, actively teaching and mentoring others, and authoring impactful content in our field,” said Dr. Michael Crete, DDS, Pankey Institute chairman. “These are the requirements for this recognition as originally defined by Dr L.D. Pankey.”

Brady was selected as the next Pankey Master by The Pankey Foundation Board of Advisors due to her demonstration of professional mastery and her extraordinary service to advance the mission of The Pankey Institute.

“Brady’s skills as a dentist and educator, combined with her dedication and service to The Pankey Institute, have earned her the unanimous and unequivocal support of the Board of Advisors,” said DeAnne Blazek, DDS, chair of the award committee. “We are eternally grateful for the remarkable gifts and talents that she has selflessly shared with our Pankey community.”

Brady serves as the executive director and director of education for the Institute.

Photo courtesy of Pankey Institute