Shimmin Consulting, Snohomish, Wash, recently introduced OrthoMasterminds, a educational portal for the orthodontic community. The portal builds on the OrthoMasterminds Facebook group, which allows orthodontic professionals to ask questions and get answers directly from the community.

The OrthoMasterminds website allows users to become an industry educator from wherever they are. As an educator, these individuals can share their experience and expertise with the entire orthodontic community. Additionally, visitors to the site can take AGD/PACE certified classes to earn their continuing education credits online or register for and attend live and recorded events from industry experts on specific topics.

The OrthoMasterminds portal also offers a Virtual Consultant. This feature allows users to have access to Shimmin Consulting’s material for all positions in the orthodontic practice, along with training videos for the doctor and staff to implement this material on their own time and pace.

The portal also offers an events page, with an events schedule of live events throughout the country, and the OrthoMasterminds Marketplace, which has industry books, marketing manuals, letter templates, scripting, and financial summary worksheets available.