Rosemary Bray and Carol Eaton will present the course "Integrating the New Orthodontic Patient Into the Practice" on September 12–13, 2008, in Philadelphia.
According to Bray, the course will help attendees to:
• Review and highlight the changing needs of today’s new orthodontic patient;
• enhance verbal skills to provide powerful presentations;
• learn practical application of digital imaging as well as marketing tips using imaging;
• learn key phrases that increase conversion rates and referrals; and 
• review advanced techniques to enhance the new-patient phone call and examination.

The registration fee for the 2-day seminar is $695 per person; $595 for the third or more from each office. The fee includes 2 days of training, lunch both days, and a complete training manual. The course will be taught by consultants Carol Eaton and Rosemary Bray, who have more than 55 years of combined experience in the orthodontic community.

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