In the new dental economy, parents are more sensitive than ever about the cost of orthodontic treatment. Unless you’re interested in marketing your services on the basis of price, you need to offer greater value. What makes it worthwhile for parents to choose your practice… even if other practices offer ortho treatment for less?

The Answer is Differentiation.

No two orthodontic practices are the same. Each is unique, and the most effective ortho marketing capitalizes on the differences that will be most appealing to the target audience. Differentiation involves identifying and promoting the qualities that set you and your practice apart.

Until you become familiar with this process, you may have difficulty coming up with a viable approach to positioning your practice versus the competition. There are no pat answers. Nevertheless, several techniques will help you pinpoint your differentiators:

  1. Think of and look at your practice the way current patients and parents do. Why did they choose your practice in the first place? What do they like about coming to your office and dealing with you and your staff? If they were to recommend your practice to others (which you should, of course, encourage), what would they say to persuade friends or family members to come to you for orthodontic treatment?
  2. Systematically review all aspects of your practice. Aside from what patients and parents think, there may be other differentiators… existing or potential… that you can translate into powerful branding for your practice. The whole team can help in this search.
  3. Check out the competition. If you know what you’re up against, you’ll discover how to compete more effectively. Look for gaps in what they offer. These may be marketing opportunities for your practice.
  4. Consider how to differentiate your practice for specific target audiences. For example, would you be able to make a strong appeal to adult orthodontic patients?

Your practice is unique. Marketing based on differentiation can translate that uniqueness into substantial growth.

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