BencoNET Managed Support provides continuous monitoring of practice systems to ensure backups and antivirus software function properly. 

Benco Dental launched its computer and software protection solution, BencoNET Managed Support. The service offers customers a team of experts who continuously monitor dental practice systems to ensure that backups and antivirus software function properly. 

In addition, customers can opt to incorporate Sophos Antivirus Software, an endpoint antivirus software that protects the practice’s server as well as workstations throughout the practice, such as those in the business office, operators, hygiene rooms, consult rooms, and digital imaging areas. 

“Most offices don’t know they’ve been infected until it’s too late. Ransomware on a server will start encrypting files slowly and might go unnoticed. Before long, the office won’t have access to anything,” said Sean Poppe, technology and BencoNET sales specialist for Benco Dental. “At that point, even for an office with an updated backup of their files, a doctor is facing huge delays for their system to be reintegrated. If backups haven’t been checked recently, a doctor loses months of data. Worst case, if the backup can’t be salvaged – all their data is gone. With BencoNET Managed Support, we’re continually monitoring their network remotely, and preventing issues before they arise.”