Crown Council has chosen Sunbit as its preferred technology partner for buy now, pay later services.

The Crown Council association of dental professionals has selected Sunbit as its preferred buy now, pay later (BNPL) technology provider.

Crown Council will now recommend Sunbit to its more than 1,300 members.

“We are impressed with Sunbit’s technology platform, ease of use, and high approval ratings,” said Steven J. Anderson, co-founder of Crown Council. “Sunbit opens the door to comprehensive dental care needed by so many patients today.”

Sunbit has expanded its services in more than 3,100 dentist offices, adding approximately 400 new offices per month in that industry over the past year. It offers dental practices an easy-to-implement way to provide payment options for more patients.

“The dental industry is an important market for our business, and this is another valuable endorsement that helps us to reach more dentists – and for them to serve more patients,” said Robert Nunziato, head of inside sales and sales operations at Sunbit. “Crown Council’s focus on a culture of success aligns deeply with our own mission.”

Dental practices affiliated with Crown Council are committed to providing exceptional clinical care and patient services. The Crown Council says it carefully selects resource partners that can support practices with that commitment.

“Sunbit’s user-friendly platform gives both the practice and the patient more convenient access to better payment options,” said Spencer Chipping, director of strategic relationships for Crown Council.

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