DentalXChange launched its Eligibility AI Platform, automating pre-appointment eligibility and benefits verification.

DentalXChange, the dental payments platform, has launched its Eligibility AI platform, designed to help front office staff automate pre-appointment eligibility and benefits verification processes.

These processes typically equate to countless hours on the phone communicating with insurance companies, according to the company.

“Payer-provider transparency in the dental industry leaves a lot to be desired,” said Paul Kaiser, chief executive officer of DentalXChange. “The only way to truly understand the complete eligibility and benefits picture for any patient is for valuable front-office staff to either hunt and peck through various independent payer portals or spend time calling payer after payer.”

DentalXChange’s Eligibility AI platform synchronizes with an office’s schedule book, allowing eligibility and benefits verification in advance of the patient’s appointment, or in real-time for same-day walk-ins.

Eligibility AI delivers detailed eligibility and benefits data in an intuitive user interface that organizes the benefit data points in a unified manner across all insurance payers. This significantly reduces calls to payers and streamlines the benefits verification process to reduce claim errors and avoid potential claim denials or rejections.

“While most practice management systems connect with a clearinghouse for all-payer EDI-based eligibility capabilities, the lack of detailed patient benefit data payers make available causes a myriad of pain points for dental offices.,” said Kaiser. “Offices put their reputation at risk with inaccurate patient estimates, they have revenue risk with denials and rejections that could be avoided, and they incur more cost to run their business. At the same time, payers also incur pain points in the form of expensive call center staffing and provider network dissatisfaction. Our Eligibility AI platform solves all these pain points.”

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