Henry Schein Inc, Melville, NY, has launched Dentrix® G5, a new version of its Dentrix practice-management system. The new system features a new SQL database architecture, which allows Dentrix to become an “open platform,” according to the company, enabling other dental applications and technology to link directly into Dentrix.

Currently, more than 37 developers are reportedly writing Dentrix-compatible applications through Henry Schein’s Dentrix Developer Program, which provides software developers with tools and a certification program for developing applications that work with Dentrix G5. Once developers certify their Dentrix application in the developer program, they can add a new “Dentrix G5 Connected” logo to their marketing materials, allowing Dentrix users to identify applications designed for their system.

Applications with the Dentrix G5 Connected logo will also work with subsequent upgrades to Dentrix. All Dentrix G5 Connected applications will be available on the Dentrix.com Web site.

The new version of Dentrix G5 also features the Electronic Explanation of Benefits, which allows practices to receive, review, and automatically record insurance payments and adjustments for claims submitted electronically using the Dentrix eClaims software. A Screen Capture utility, Dentrix Dentalink instant messaging, and the new Dentrix Mobile upgrade are also available.

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