Dental insurance provider MCNA Dental notified its clients that a cyberattack exposed sensitive data on its nearly 9 million clients.

Dental Insurance Provider Managed Care of North America (MCNA) Dental sent out a notification of an information breach that may have affected nearly 9 million clients, according to

In the notice, MCNA said that on March 6, it became aware of certain activity in its computer system that happened without permission.

MCNA said that it quickly took steps to stop the breach and began an investigation. MCNA hired a special team to help, and that is when it learned that the hacker was able to see and take copies of information in its computer system between February 26, 2023, and March 7, 2023.

The data breach exposed social security numbers, driver’s licenses and IDs, contact information, dates of birth, and email addresses.Health insurance information, member numbers, Medicaid-Medicare ID numbers, as well as patient data from dental and orthodontic care were also exposed.

The information which was seen and taken was not the same for everyone. MCNA said some of this information was for a parent, guardian, or guarantor. A guarantor is the person who paid the bill.

MCNA contacted law enforcement and is in the process of strengthening its cybersecurity to prevent further attacks.

The provider is offering affected clients free identity theft protection service for up to 1 year. The organization is also mailing letters to people whose information may have been involved in the cyberattack.

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