“Posts for My Patients” is a free resource that offers dental practices instant content for their social media platforms.

The Dental Trade Alliance, in partnership with Lanmark360, a healthcare agency, has created a social media campaign, “Posts for My Patients,” designed to help patients return to their dental practices.

The campaign, designed for dental practices to display on a variety of social media platforms, was developed based on the findings of a recent nationwide patient survey. Many dental patients indicated a willingness—and desire—to return for routine care.

“We found over half of the respondents had fallen behind on their dental care due to canceled appointments,” says Howard Klein, Lanmark360 president. “Over 50% of respondents say they intend to return to their practitioner for a routine cleaning within the next 3 months.”

The social media campaign, which includes short videos and suggested posts, reminds patients that it’s time to come back: “If you’re ready, we’re ready.”

“Now that COVID-19 quarantine restrictions are easing up (in some places) throughout the US, more dental practices are once again open for business,” says Gregory Chavez, chief executive officer of the Dental Trade Alliance. “This social media campaign is a simple and effective way for dental professionals to remind patients that it’s time to make an appointment.”

Free content and additional information are available at the campaign website.